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The Center was initially conceived out of a cross campus initiative to bring together professionals interested in translational research related to children’s oral health. COR’s founding members sought to bring their years of experience in pediatric oral health science to build a network of scientific and clinical professionals who through scientific discoveries, could have a meaningful impact on children’s future.
Realizing that effective change could best be achieved when acting on multiple fronts – education, research and public policy - COR members, building on their experience in multiple roles as scientists, clinicians and teachers, expanded their vision. Out of their discussions was born COR,  an organizational home which would allow scientists, clinicians and teachers from related disciplines to collaborate and work in close concert so as to best advance scientific discovery, develop new clinical approaches and provide educational programs to transform the landscape of children’s oral health.
 The Center is administratively housed in the School of Dentistry, and is headed up by a Director who is responsible to the Dean of the School of Dentistry. Participation and membership in the Center is open to all interested faculty on the UCSF campus and international colleagues with an interest in Children’s Oral Health.