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  1. Dental caries research: epidemiology, pathogeneses, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. We are identifying the virulent gene(s) in caries-causing bacteria in children.  To do this, we are using high-through-put genomic and meta-genomic assays.  In addition, we are focusing studies related to the use of Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) as the protocol to treat caries in children.
  2. Environmental effects on dental diseases: Of interests to us are systematic and dental effects of fluoride. We are using in vivo models, including gene-altered mice and in vitro cell culture models to study the mechanisms of fluoride on tooth, brain and behavior.
  3. Genetic and epigentic influences on dental diseases e.g. amelogenesis imperfecta and congenital loss of teeth. Of interest to us is the role of genetic defects that affect tooth formation.  We also are focused on strategies for clinical treatment, and changes in health policy to support the costs of such care for children with inheritedtooth anomalies.
  4. Biomineralization in tooth development and its regulation. Our focus is to develop biomimetic materials that are similar to those found in mineralized tooth structures, to better treat tooth loss resulting from dental disease in children.
  5. Oral health policy and education to advance children’s oral health. We are committed to improving dental health care for children globally through changes in health policy.