Addressing Public Health Challenges Through Transdisciplinary Approaches

The UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health and UCSF Center for Children’s Oral Health Research held the 2014 Global Children’s Oral Health and Nutrition Symposium: Addressing Public Health Challenges Through Transdisciplinary Approaches on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

The inaugural collaborative symposium between UC Berkeley and UCSF brought together policy makers, practitioners, advocates, and researchers from transdisciplinary sectors to move forward on a call of action to improve global children’s oral health as part of a comprehensive approach to improving children’s overall health, nutrition, and wellbeing.

The morning session featured visiting directors from child health programs in Latin America, SE Asia, South Asia, and Africa who discussed oral health promotion and nutrition. The afternoon session featured speakers from UCSF Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy, who discussed research and clinical initiatives to improve children’s oral health, focused on transdisciplinary approaches to dental caries assessment and prevention.

Professor Tom Boyce

The Oral Biology of Misfortune

Associate Professor Thuan Q. Le

Challenges in Clinical Pediatric Dentistry Locally and Globally

Ling Zhan & Mohamed Abou Donia

Sequencing of Mutans Streptococci: Potential applications for precision medicine to prevent dental caries