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Pediatric dental clinic

The patient care providers are committed to excellence in the delivery of dental health care.  As a part of our vision, we incorporate the most advanced evidence-based and best practices in clinical services for the care of our patients. Together with our medical and dental colleagues, we provide comprehensive interdisciplinary care of children, including those with complex medical or dental conditions. 

We emphasize a preventive approach for optimal oral health, as oral health is a critical part of the overall health of a child. We assess caries risk for each individual child, and provide optimum and personalized oral care for each child. Working with COR research faculty members on an ongoing basis, we evaluate our care based on the latest scientific research and promote approaches and technology for clinical care that are consistent with the results of these clinical research projects. 

We seek to recognize the individual and complex needs of patients and their families while guaranteeing that all are served promptly, courteously and with dignity. We value the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of our patients and strive to guarantee each patient a sensitive, informed and caring experience.

Maintaining high standards of technical and personal service not only ensures the best possible care for our patients, but also provides the best possible learning environment for the dental professionals who train at UCSF.

For additional information about patient care provided by our clinicians please visit  Pediatric Dental Clinic at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and Pediatric Dentistry Clinic at Parnassus, UCSF School of Dentistry.

Dental Anomalies Clinic

We offer a specialty clinic for children with dental anomalies such as amelogenisis imperfecta and dentinogenisis imperfecta. These dental anomalies are difficult to treat and child patients with these conditions are very prone to dental caries. We work closely with other specialties in the UCSF School of Dentistry including orthodontics, prosthodontics and advanced general dentistry to provide comprehensive, optimum and advanced esthetic dental restorative care to these children to help bring joyful smiles on their faces.  In close collaboration with our research team, we can identify genes associated with those anomalies. These studies will provide a scientific basis for genetic consulting, new classification of the dental anomalies, and will allow us to generate future preventive and treatment regimens. Drs. Le, Den Besten and Zhan lead this clinic.

Hospital Dentistry

Pediatric dental service is an integral component of the health care team at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay.  Our pediatric dental clinic provides services ranging from comprehensive dental treatment in the outpatient dental clinic inside the Gateway Building to the operating room setting for special-needs and complex medically compromised pediatric patients. Our pediatric dentists work closely with physicians and other health care providers, providing consults for other medical units in the hospital, managing dental complications, dental trauma and emergency care.