COHR researchers found that fluoride targets Androgen Receptor (AR) and Progesterone Receptor (PR) driven Klk4 transcription in maturation ameloblasts

July 03, 2017
Kallikrein related peptidase 4 (KLK4) is thought to play important role in the final stage of dental enamel formation by allowing for enamel crystal growth. In humans having a mutated KLK4 gene and in mice lacking Klk4 expression, the enamel becomes hypomineralized or hypomatured with discoloration...

Paving the way toward tooth regeneration

July 03, 2017
Enamel, formed by ameloblast cells, is the hardest substance in human body, and the first defensive line for healthy tooth. Unfortunately, nearly 40% the incisor teeth in babies and children have some sort of enamel defect. To replace enamel, or even entire teeth, we need strategies to regenerate...

Dr. Ann George visited COHR from University of Illinois, Chicago

May 16, 2016
Dr. Ann George visited COHR on April, 2016 from the University of Illinois and gave the lecture on the topic "DMP1: A busy protein that functions in mineralized matrix assembly". Dr. George is a Professor at the  Division of Oral Biology, University of Illinois, and an Allan G.

COHR researchers found a novel microRNA derived from amelogenin gene, which directs ameloblast and osteoblast differentiation.

January 20, 2016
Amelogenins are the most abundant proteins in the developing enamel matrix, and the gene coding amelogenin is known to be highly alternatively spliced. The researchers from COHR have found that a novel microRNA (miRNA) is derived from amelogenin exon4 through the alternative splicing of amelogenin...

Dr Thuan Le invited as a guest speaker at the 8th Annual Session of Chinese Society of Pediatric Dentistry

November 13, 2015
West China School of Stomalology, Sichuan University, China invited Dr Thuan Le, DDS, PhD, UCSF Pediatric Dentistry Associate professor and residency program director, as a guest speaker to represent UCSF Pediatric Dentistry at the the 8th Annual Session of Chinese Society of Pediatric Dentistry in...

Addressing Public Health Challenges Through Transdisciplinary Approaches

April 21, 2014
The UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health and UCSF Center for Children’s Oral Health Research held the 2014 Global Children’s Oral Health and Nutrition Symposium: Addressing Public Health Challenges Through Transdisciplinary Approaches on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.

UCSF Launches Children’s Oral Health Research Center

April 01, 2014
There is increasing recognition of the importance of children’s oral health to the overall well being of children, and the importance of multidisciplinary approaches to addressing children’s oral health issues. In children, genetic, environmental, or health related conditions can impact a child’s...